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Software solutions for advertising, media, and marketing industry.


Advisor is an enterprise level advertising agency software for media planning and buying all ad types for the TV, print, radio, online, mobile, and social media.

Omega Analytical Set

Omega Analytical Set is a universal high-performance platform purposed for building applications and solutions for BI, OLAP, reporting, analyzing, forecasting, and visualizing cross-media advertising campaigns:

  • merging of heterogenious data sources and using them in reporting
  • quick and extremely flexible defining of reports with complex structure
  • very high performance, scalability and load balancing as a result of the 64 bit multi-tied clustered architecture
  • open architecture and, as a result, the possibility to implement additional data sources in a short time
  • live access to the data without time consuming ETL process or pre-aggeration
  • modern web-based user interface
  • dashboard
  • integration with MS Office using the Excel- und Power Point-templates


The core of the service is based on cloud file sharing, document-centric collaborating, managing files and folders, and synchronizing content across devices. It is a system of unlimited storage, custom branding, and centralized administration with such characteristics as agility, scalability, and multi-tenancy. Upload documents, organize them into folders, share links, and manage permissions easily. With moonON, you are provided with immediate access to content from anywhere, using any smartphone, tablet, or computer with the simplicity of the cloud and the performance of local storage.

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